I spent the first 14 years of my life in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. With the main focus of Asian education being on academic studies any creative interaction was limited. At the age of 14 I was moved abruptly to the USA. I struggled to communicate since my knowledge of English was restricted to basic essentials. Communication was virtually impossible. This left me feeling alienated, particularly at school.

Out of necessity I started to draw and doodle to communicate with my fellow classmates. They found this interesting and humorous; it enabled me to express myself and simultaneously attract friends.

As time went on my creative skills flourished; art, also became a way to escape and vent the frustrations of this difficult period of cultural adjustment. By the end of the first year, after starting with no creative skills that I was aware of, I was awarded "Artist of the Year" in junior high school. This triggered off the confidence to explore this newly found talent and led me to adopt a life immersed in art.

From here on I grew creatively - channeling and expressing my thoughts and reactions. This enabled me to find my true calling and inner spirit as I delved deeper. Initially, I opted for 3-D animation, believing that this would give me the financial stability I grew up with. I hadn't as yet built up enough confidence in myself to believe that I could make a living out of Fine Art. It was only at the age of 23 , when I traveled to Italy and lay my eyes, for the first time, on Michaelangelo's sculpture that I began to belive. When I saw the deep passion he put into his works, it moved me to see how, 500 years later, his art and what it communicated, had still managed to touch me at such a profound level. He had transcended time through his art and lived on in his work. I decided to change my direction and take the plunge to study the fundamental craftsman skills in fine art and detach myself from the concerns I had for the comfort of a material life.

The three years spent studying at The Florence Academy of Art enabled me to walk away with a knowledge of a plethora of crafts. I now knew my mediums. The next step was to actually understand myself and the message I wished to convey via these mediums. This has been, and continues to be a wonderful and sometimes tortuous journey as I experience my life and the world around me. My inspirations are continually changing and evolving - they vary from psychology, philosophy, cosmology, spirituality - the list is endless, I never know what the next moment has to offer. Essentially, I believe that we are all a projection of our thoughts and emotions, and art is an extension of this projection which is ultimately all an illusion. Because nothing remains the same, and everything always changes, my art, my philosophy, my illusions, my projection shall continue to change as I live my life through my art and my art lives through my life. I hope that you will be around to experience the journey with me!

1976 Born in Taipei, Taiwan

Immigrated to U.S.A.


Studied 3-D Design with clay, metal, & stone


San Francisco Academy of Art University, U.S.A.

B.A. of Computer Arts


Florence Academy of Art, Italy, EU.

Figurative Arts - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

2002 - 2010

Living & creating in Malta, EU.

2010 - 2011

Living in Taiwan & creating between Europe & Asia