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  • Chakra

    With this series of artworks shares my vision of subtle energy centres, shaping it into a concept limited by time and space. Merging with Higher Consciousness, the artist crosses the borders of one’s mind, emotions and intellect, therefore offering us a very special set of sculptures – «Chakra» that allows us too to experience connection to universal energetic concepts.

  • Monad
  • Yanse Unleashed

    "Yanse" is Colour in Chinese. The reason for choosing this subject matter is that colour is actually an illusion and what we see is a mutation of vibrations of energy which objects transmit and we in turn translate into forms and hence into objects. These energies are, on the one hand "unleashed", as they burst out into the atmosphere in waves to our brains, and, on the other hand, they are leashed together to form the thoughts and concepts we are taught and which are constrained or "leashed" into linguistic terms we call "words". Thoughts are words, words become thoughts - logic versus creativity, unleashed versus leashed. The underlying link between these works is the framework. Once again, a frame is what"leashes" the work, but in this collection the frame is flexible, blurring the subjective boundaries between what is leashed and unleashed on both a physical and an abstract level.. This is an attempt of reflecting the dichotomy that lies within me, the ying and yang as it were, call it what you wish, positive and negative, light and dark, leashed and unleashed!

  • Relationship - Family
  • Mind