Those who can read Hebrew will know this 4 symbols is the name of God in Hebrew Bible. If we write it vertically, the form of the symbols looks like a human being. After all, it is written in bible - god created human according to his own shape. As for my project I try to approach from more of a meaning perspective - The rigidity of the square. I have dissected this earth bound structure of 2 solid cubes in pursuit of freedom from their own rigidity. By slicing them, a complex structure of poly-sided figures are created and a sense of fluidity occurs, hence the spherical form made from a liquid resin. The crown of this sphere is open, and, I would like to think, this frees the object from itself - from its solid and rigid structure as a physical construct into a lighter entity. On another level, the physical form transcended into and connected to the spiritual element. The 4th element - lights. In scientific context - Light is composed of elementary particles called photons. Photon is the elementary particle for electromagnetic phenomena (gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light...). Elementary particles is a particle not know to have substructure; that is, it is not know to be made up of smaller particles. If an elementary particle truly has no substructure, then it is one of the basic building blocks of the universe from which all other particles are made.