In Heavengate, I am trying to find the key which connects me to the universe - the universe being my perspective of heaven; this is the link between my physical form and my state of formlessness. The 7th Chakra is the point in the crown of the head, the gateway which connects my physical form with the pure light of our essence - that fine moment of dissolution from the physical realm into the spiritual realm.
Within the circle of life is the physical illusion. I have encompassed this with a circular snake, the ouraboros (Greek for "tail-biter") - a symbol that appears on every continent representing eternity - the eternal cycle of life. Many symbols lie within the cycle, a multiple mixture of east and west symbols. We can feed ourselves within this cycle, our world of physical experiences, by traveling up through our psychic channels to the top of our heads and then round again in never ending spirals, or we can choose to leave this physical realm, and depart into the void which is outside the circle - to reconnect with our higher energies, God, universe, name it what you will.