The first concept I decided to delve into is something that has always troubled me - duality. In childhood we are immediately told about what is good and what is bad. As I grew up, I began to question this black and white existence. This mental conflict disturbed me immensely. Who was I to judge? By judging others, I began to judge myself... and the conflict spiralled and my attempts on being a happy and balanced person became more futile. Why couldn't things just be? Why did they have to be either good or bad? Whose judgement is correct? What influences created that judgement in the first place? I began to realise that this personal conflict was being reflected on a global scale. It dawned on me that the world stage of politics are constantly using the concept of duality for their own political, material and social gains by pitting human issues against each other and creating an arena of good versus bad. This extends to the mass media, to religions and in fact to all institutions as well as every aspect of human existence. In fact human existence cannot exist without duality.