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Moment Without a Choice
Moment Without a Choice I entered a moment Without a choice It seduced me With its immortality Now I want to get-out But it keeps me chained Offering dreams Of eternity Talking tattoos Miraculous tales of love Fantasy escapes and Two-faced kitten that was born in Ohio And I turn towards the 'null' point Sensing senselessness Searching for the zone Where magnetic fields re-connect Where the polarisation of space Come to an end Searching for my-own Second Coming of Christ
Ancient Stories
Ancient Stories Whenever I step into the world of ancient stories I feel my heart uplifting Entering dimensions of light, gold and mysteries Spirits made to shine enter my mind Leaving traces of our eternal dreams Connect me to me without ends instantly healed I chose my paths With eyes closed and heart open To highest, to brightest, to clearest With no hesitation
Amber 90 million years old taken from the bottom of the sea with its opaque crust freed from the matrix of forget-ness in its centre hides leaves, flowers, fruits spiders, frogs and butterflies a resin from an injured tree that caught in its tears life-frame of past so distant and yet so near does it also in its depth hide our eternal stride?
His Consciousness
His Consciousness To Glorious Wisdom of Love To the Profound Heart Sound To Great Awareness of the enlightened few To Limitless Space of Compassion To Alertness of Bliss and Emptiness To the Mind riding on the wind of Light To Amitaba and Amideva To Milarepa and Baba Ji To you my Father and Mather Whose Merge brought me here To experience The Diamond Being Within the Primeordial Consciousness of One
Golden Dust
Golden Dust Within the darkness every place is just a playground of images Let me fire your imagination I know you enjoy the golden dust Within the darkness everything is possible that is why we get stuck and the light becomes so blinding Let me give you hope that will keep you going life-after-life-after-life
Feelings Caffe
Feelings Caffe Within the feelings caffe we drunk a coffee of compassion that brought us back to our purpose on this little blue planet
Entering the World of Silence
Entering the World of Silence Your voice lingers within my heart I hear you constantly as a word's echo Your touch enters me with the wind’s breeze Your tenderness captures my thoughts’ stream You are my first and final embrace My first and final discovery and My first and final Love
Inward Movement
Inward Movement Inward movement whisper a bird flew onto my palm to fulfill a child's dream inward movement scream connecting to Aliens, Gods and Super-Humans to unleash the reasons why inward movement prayer a foot breaks with a full force to get us where we wanna be
I do not do Ordinary
I do not do Ordinary Somebody called me today and said – I am just a normal bloke, I am just a very ordinary chap but I love you He must have dialed a wrong number Or just got terribly confused Because I don’t do ordinaries! Ordinaries do not play with love Ordinaries do not touch with care Ordinaries do not work with fun They love Only When they get up on the right foot When their girlfriend is angry with them When their children are healthy or perhaps exceptionally sick When they have no other worries or perhaps an exceptional worry When money is not an issue When their ex-wives do not shout at them and of course When the weather is good Extra-Ordinaries sense the beauty in any wind And they move with gentleness with much ease They listen to their Souls and other people’s Souls Taking every single day As though it is the last one Beauty is their armor Love - their sword Truth - their shield They love because they worship love And no girlfriends, money or thoughts Can stop them from their quest The ones I love and the ones who love me Are extra-ordinaries Love has a natural affection – it sticks only to them So, sorry, wrong number - I do not do ordinaries - they are not fun!
I Believe in Light
I Believe in Light this morning mermades stopped me at the entrance of the tall dark building - my place of work: what are you going to find within these walls: boredom, action, peace? or just a new beginning of something familiar but still unknown? what are you after this veryMonday morning? I entered with the thought - I am after light Nothing else - just – light
Lets Become Saints
Lets Become Saints a moment of reflection to see the tears in your eyes to feel the fear in your bones that is engraved within our code from the very start of life a moment of reflection to mould destructions, reflections, disturbances into creative impulses that will lead you to an enlightened Self and an admirable human being that will shape the World a moment of reflection to understand the balance between love and strength to uncover the stage where the shadows play and give you a chance in a million to become a saint
Krishnamurti on Meditation
Krishnamurti on Meditation 'Meditation is not a search, it's not a seeking, a probing, an exploration. It is an explosion and discovery. It's not the taming of the brain to conform nor is it a self-introspective analysis, it is certainly not the training in concentration which includes, chooses and denies. It's something that comes naturally, when all positive and negative assertions and accomplishments have been understood and drop away easily. It is the total emptiness of the brain. It's the emptiness that is essential, not what's in the emptiness, there is seeing only from emptiness, all virtue, not social morality and respectability, springs from it. It's out of this emptiness love comes, otherwise it's not love. Foundation of righteousness is in this emptiness. It's the end and beginning of all things.'
Keep it Simple
Keep it Simple She said - keep it simple that is the secret! De-touch De-tox De-rail Nothing more, nothing less De-touch from resentments, repulsions, run-downs, revulsions De-tox from animosities, antagonisms, antipathys, aversions De-rail from malevolence, malice, maliciousness, malignancy And be Determined-in-Love And Dare-to-Do-it
Loosing Your I
Loosing Your I Whether you will get lost in the amazing vastness of the sea or in the whisper of tree tops deep inside the forest or in the snow covered mountain heaps or within the warmth of a body in the morning mist Just get lost - it is soooo worth it!
Living Waters and Tantra
Living Waters and Tantra I am moving through the Living Waters that IS the main difference between mine and other Spiritual Paths From one bank to the other up and down the stream through the moving rivers wild and fast Accepting challenges and taking more through the fire of the centre of the flow climbing the mountain tops descending the Earth's womb Through the torrent and whirl-pools & calm, expanding seas receiving the pure, celestrian touch I am moving through the Living Waters
Life Prayer
Life Prayer May I be Eternal Consciousness Aware and alert at every point Of this cyclical existence May I expand like a space Absorbing the great elements Earth & water & air into my being May I always support The life and its manifestation The growth and its beauty And the boundlessness of the creation