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My Alpha Man
My Alpha Man My Alpha Man is a hero found in fantasy books He is the leader of a werewolf pack A vampire A God forsaken Knight He has big shoulders and two dimples on his back He is strong and dominant Pacing up and down like a lion awaiting his pray He is a warrior A chief On earth Long-awaited-materialised Myth That sails through the battle-field of life Smoothly Wearing passion and love as his stride, With his jaws firmly set To take care To protect and Nurture Treating children gently And having as his strongest fetish A fetish of a woman’s foot
Magic Spell
Magic Spell Join the path of Fortune this is your chance to fly giving you Power of unreachable Heights Can you hold it and keep yourself hooked to its eternal stream? Can you stand a glare of its blinding light? Can you survive its magic spell that takes away everything you called yours or mine? Join the path of Fortune this is your chance to fly giving you Power of unreachable Heights
Magic of Change
Magic of Change If you keep your imagination locked-up you can not change the world Re-lease it & a caterpillar will become a butterfly in a second
Nothingness Embeded within rocks Hidden amongst star clusters Your Holy Presence is so close to mine Like in a dream, I see You Even though You are Not I hear You within the silence Touching the spiral of Life & Death I bow my head in respect & I feel You bow Yours to mine One amongst the thousand of corpses One amongst the thousand of new-borns Here Within Your kingdom I stay
Nectar After hours and hours of waiting in silence a glimse, a sight, a breeze takes me in closer to where we could be if we just try a litlle bit harder... It takes me to the mountain tops to the Kingdom of the Snow Queen, to the green fields untouched by a human foot, to the debth of the Oceans where blue dives with indefinite It takes me to the centre of myself and Universe to the Nectar that is sweeter than sweetest fruit - on Earth that flows that heals that IS
Only on the Planet Earth
Only on the Planet Earth He was looking down through the clouds into the pile of rubbish accumulated underneath No human could spot it Only angels did that is why they did not decent the last 2,000 years It stunk it was dirty with re-cycled emotions with overly-used words with in-distructable beliefs from the past and other parts of the universe And yet above it there was the most amazing scent the most amazing energy pattern with intricate designs and beautiful colours with healing properties and Eternity written all over it. The flower of Human Divine Thoughts...
Now Imagine White Light
Now Imagine White Light Light waves are waves of energy in the form of electric and magnetic fields. The amount of energy in a light wave is proportional to its frequency: high frequency light has high energy; low frequency light has low energy. The frequency of visible light is: color, and ranges from low frequency red, and high frequency violet. The combination of every color in the visible spectrum produces white. The full range of frequencies extends beyond the visible spectrum, so we have radio waves, ultra violet rays, etc. Light waves move at their maximum 300,000 kilometers per second which makes light the fastest phenomenon in the universe.
Self Remember
Self Remember When Life on Earth reminds you Of a theatre performance that you have performed a thousand and one time Of wearing shoes that belong to someone else Of living in Africa surrounded with immense wealth - starving Of trying to reach and never managing 'cause the goal is invisible Of circling endlessly day after day and reaching the same bloody useless spot over and over Of words that are never said 'cause the moment got lost in an explosion of self-importance Of a hand that longs for a hand-shake in a land that ignores hands Of a life of a battery grown chick that ate its feet thinking they are food Of a homeless child's face that is searching for his family just after Tsunami Stop! Stop To hear the clatter of cutlery just before a lunch carefully prepared by a grandma waiting for a reunion of her family Stop To breath the air that smells of jasmine in early spring and disappear in the eyes of a 6 year old that tells you she is in-love Stop To touch the fur of a cat that keeps coming to you no matter how long you've been away Stop To see the balcony of the 18th century building you pass by unnoticed on your way to work Stop To see the faces in a crowded bus reading their stories one by on Stop To watch the sea as it greats the land in an endless rubbing of noses Stop to Self-Remember
Open With a Touch of Consciousness
Open With a Touch of Consciousness A world full of impressions a world full of light hiden within the hury of a non-believer
Silence There is silence within us that is more powerful than any thought, and as water is stronger than the strongest stone, so is its Wisdom, that creates without efforts and moves without movements that gives without limits when you open the Doors of Being. Step in it living Trust and you will Know It!
Shining Love
Shining Love Today I pray May I be Shining Love to all I meet today May I be Consciousness and Light with every breath I take May I carry within my actions Your Wisdom and Your Joy and May I have courage and trust to take on all Your Paths May I live my highest Self, even within the shadows of my lower one May I be buried within Your Grace and May all else melt away
The Journey
The Journey Once upon a time there was a forest spirit That descended onto the Earth She needed to learn the ways of Life The guides gave her challenges So she grows strong and connected To her heart and the people around her With the love for the challenges She was given a chance to become a Lioness And the training begun The new worlds opened The King sat onto his throne The Strength was gain The King learned to rule his emotions, his body and His mind - for the benefit of all And now - there is no more The enlightenment is not a goal but a journey The Kingdom is in the Heart Of One and All and One IS All and All IS One The One can rest
Tantric Light
Tantric Light We became one body one aura growing immeasurably We stayed within the light that melted borders and thoughts that opened horizont unknown to the human minds We became One and we were not alone all the sentient beings joined us in this cosmic dance We were all One immersed within the Tantric Light
Stream of Consciousness
Stream of Consciousness Gently down the stream of ConsCiouSness Feeling the Flow of Life vibrating through the cells Mindfully Awake and Aware Understanding Accepting Loving Directly through the centre Connected to the Self ceaselessly, effortlessly moving mirroring the Law - as above - so below - as within - so without Are we ready to hear?
To Light, Consciousness Love
To Light, Consciousness Love I reach for you in the darkness of my empty room Hoping you will take me into the worlds of Oness into the worlds of Consciousnees into the worlds of Bliss After I tasted your lips there is nothing else I could long for After you embraced me there is nothing else that could warm me After you desired me there is nothing else I could ask for Take me Let no atom in my body Feel anything else but your light Take me Let no breath I take Stay uninspired by your wisdom Take me Let no heart beat Ever beat without consciousness of you Take me into your arms and let me become your flame your dust your wind your wave
To Multiply the Light
To Multiply the Light And she got up and sensed the womb of her mother within the voice that whispered 'We are all One' And she knew instantly that Unity is the key to the secret of Time to the Sparks that were sent forth to multiply the Light