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Ubuntu A person is only a person through their relationship to others
Truth Within the Silence I've heard The bells of Joy Celebrating Life
Valley of the Souls
Valley of the Souls I heard his voice and cried om ah mi de wa hri tears of silence familiar sound of enlightenment took me into the after-death experience moon strolling through the starless night leaving traces of blood that can not be seen by naked eye the ashes at the bottom of Ganga of millions of burned bodies and their souls trapped within the leafs' cuticles that re-generate every spring visible only to the forest spirits that circle aim/endlessly through the night
Unity What are we seaking to nourish? Who is the One we want to protect? Where is the Soul that we listen to? Established in our search the answers come easily They are hidden within the shades Of every single tree Grace to mind's quest Clarity to heart's one Together in Unity You Can listen to your heart And yet stay the master of your Fate
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang Did you know that the DNA of a caterpillar and the DNA of a butterfly are completely different? In the process of changing from one to the other, the divine of the other dispersed the one, to that extend that no cell was left, no similarity could be traced back for centuries. Death of an identity dissolves one reality into another and Self becomes what the wildest imaginations have dreamt of. Self becomes Un-imaginable and Un-breakable, an Un-disturbed Source.
Vision of Light
Vision of Light How many of you wish to be Wizards when you grow old? How many of you want to fly? I wished to become a dragon – he said And he looked at us with eyes filled with fire The Wizard of Earth’s Sea Descended to tell us a secret of ABRACADABRA Get to know – he said - God’s true name The word will initiate Power Gate keepers of Ancient Knowledge Will open their doors s Mythological Archetypes will start their dance Leading you to your tribal clout Skeletons scattered over the burial grounds Ancestors with their weapons and spears Saints and Demons Doctors and Gypsies Healers and Witches Will join you To celebrate The Birth of Self Power of the Mind to change the Body The Vision of the Dominion of Light
Buddha Mind
Buddha Mind It is so vast I can feel It Expanding Exploding Exploring Every call of my body It is so vast I entered It And It left me Broken into 1,000,000s of pieces It is so vast Without time Without space & essence It has never begun And will never end Like an Orgasm That laaaaasts for-ever ∞ Like the Universe In a grain of sand Like Light Like Love Like Movement Within my DNA Like Silence In between two breaths Like Death giving birth toLife Like you and me in my dreams
Birth Place
Birth Place I have this Urge To live As a speck of dust Within Your pocket And to dis-appear Every time you touch me Getting re-born Within the softness Of the middle of Your palm I have this Urge To be close to You To breath Your breath Just for another second Or a minute Or another lifetime within The Mayas of different Realities I have this Urge To jump into the motion Of clouds, waves, a cat’s purring To take you in Sensing the pause That exists in between In and out breath Diving into Your Birth-place I have this Urge O, please take me in!
Abyss of Shadows
Abyss of Shadows My bird keeps flying directly towards my cat she comes to me only when the cat is in my lap she lands exactly where the cat sleeps she exits her nest only when she hears the cat purring and yesterday I saved her from the cat's jaws - will she learn? or will she stay flying towards the deadly embrace over-and-over-again choosing a completely un-fair fight over her deepest fears or will she burn sacrificing her fragile body within the same attraction a butterfly suicidally enters a flame or will she learn to live with her hypnotic fascination in the same way we - mortals - can learn to live with our fascination with light keeping our journey towards the death long and intense walking the edge but not falling into the abyss of its shadows
advaita A baby-boy looked at me - straight into the eyes - he would not blink for a while spreading the sense of Non-Duality Open Present Flowing A-wake not A-sleep Fully Still Without seeking Absorbing Crystaly clear With great Lightness I accepted his gift of Oneness realising Life through the Stillness of Self