Our world, and our views of this world, are influenced and shaped by sociological factors. As we grow older, the inherent nature of our persona gets obscured through our daily experiences. This is me as a young child - light in nature. However, as we live our lives this "light" is obscured and darkened by emotions such as prejudice and anger. We are burdened by a baggage of experiences which we insist on carrying along with us wherever we go. Often we use these emotions as defence mechanisms or as shields as we journey through this life. These "leash" us into a box of acceptable social norms. We conform and become institutionalised as a means of survival. The colours I have chosen to show these negative emotions unleash, in my opinion, the colour frequencies which correspond to those particular emotions. These appear in different combinations in our daily lives, which is why I have chosen for them not to be secured to the piece, but rather as moveable objects around the main object - the body. However the scar of the nail remains. These are the sides of us that we show in various levels and lights to, and are seen by, others. They are "leashed" together by a dark, heavy frame.

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A couple of months ago I was rummaging through my local junk yard, as you do, and there, discarded, was this skull of a dog. It made me think about the cycle of our lives and that, if I buried it in my back yard, it would give birth to a new life. Of course, I would water the patch, because water is one of the main sources of life, and, without water, there is no life. In fact, it struck me recently how the future of our planetˇŚs life depends on water and is actually the major source of the planet's problems - either too much, in the case of floods, or too little, in the case of droughts. So here, I have taken artistic licence to control, unlike in nature, the elements of life. I have placed the skull on the constrained "frame" of life and "leashed" the water source in a container, to feed this organic structure. From the roots has grown a golden "tree of life" whose golden branches are unleashed into the universe. I chose to paint the skull red, because this is the colour of what is known as the "root" chakra, the chakra used in our survival instinct - the survival of life on this planet into the Golden Age I dream of!

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The generic term "Art" is such a loaded term. It has obsessed people for centuries and has been the subject of endless discussions and disagreements. This is why, not only shall I not attempt to add my own definition to the mix, but I would like, in this work, to dismiss the concept completely for its banal existence and for having, by its very nature, created this indulgent, man made institution we call "Art". As a tributary punishment, like a school child, I have written lines on a "blackboard" which is actually a backdrop of those artists who, I believe, have been instrumental in creating this institution. Pictures of them are meshed together with money notes and blurred over with the material instrumental in this abuse - paint. Somewhere, in the midst of this, emerges a "structured" piece of art, which is counterbalanced by the word "fart". There are also other words within this structure, but this I shall I leave up to you to "unleash" for yourself. After all, its all a game!

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Although we may believe that our thoughts constitute who we are, we are in fact greater than the sum of our thoughts. Thoughts are abstract and, more often than not, beyond our control. We are drawn to them and they come to us in multiple waves and layers. Hair, like a thought, is personal and individualistic. Here I use multiple layers of hair as "live wires" to show the connection between individuals and their thoughts. The hair is "leashed" together in a conical shape, just as our thoughts are fused together. Here, I would also like to draw attention to the dichotomy between hair as an object of beauty and an organic part when attached to a live body, versus the trash it becomes when detached from a living source. Like most visions of death it becomes an object of revulsion. I opted for the colour violet because it comes to us in "light waves" with the highest frequency in the colour spectrum. In various spiritual practices, this colour is visualised in an attempt to raise thoughts and hence spirit from the physical to the metaphysical realms. In so doing I am reverting to the concept that we are in fact far greater than the sum of our thoughts if we manage to "unleash" ourselves from the mundane lower physical level. This, as human beings walking this earth, is what is in fact our "Crowning Glory".

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