The generic term "Art" is such a loaded term. It has obsessed people for centuries and has been the subject of endless discussions and disagreements. This is why, not only shall I not attempt to add my own definition to the mix, but I would like, in this work, to dismiss the concept completely for its banal existence and for having, by its very nature, created this indulgent, man made institution we call "Art". As a tributary punishment, like a school child, I have written lines on a "blackboard" which is actually a backdrop of those artists who, I believe, have been instrumental in creating this institution. Pictures of them are meshed together with money notes and blurred over with the material instrumental in this abuse - paint. Somewhere, in the midst of this, emerges a "structured" piece of art, which is counterbalanced by the word "fart". There are also other words within this structure, but this I shall I leave up to you to "unleash" for yourself. After all, its all a game!


Arty Farty Unleashed