A couple of months ago I was rummaging through my local junk yard, as you do, and there, discarded, was this skull of a dog. It made me think about the cycle of our lives and that, if I buried it in my back yard, it would give birth to a new life. Of course, I would water the patch, because water is one of the main sources of life, and, without water, there is no life. In fact, it struck me recently how the future of our planetˇŚs life depends on water and is actually the major source of the planet's problems - either too much, in the case of floods, or too little, in the case of droughts. So here, I have taken artistic licence to control, unlike in nature, the elements of life. I have placed the skull on the constrained "frame" of life and "leashed" the water source in a container, to feed this organic structure. From the roots has grown a golden "tree of life" whose golden branches are unleashed into the universe. I chose to paint the skull red, because this is the colour of what is known as the "root" chakra, the chakra used in our survival instinct - the survival of life on this planet into the Golden Age I dream of!

Elements of Life Unleashed