Malta-based, Chinese-American artist Jason Lu will be exhibiting his work at the AuntieLucy Showroom, Bay Street Complex, St. Julianís till the end of August

Born in Taiwan of Chinese origin, Jason moved to San Francisco, USA at the age of 15 where he experienced western art for the first time. Faced with the language barrier, the inability to be understood and express himself, Jason discovered the power of art as universal language very early in his life. After graduating art and graphic design (web), at the age of 22, Jason moved to Europe where he continued studying at the Florence Academy of Art for another three years covering all classical techniques from renaissance to 19 century French figurative painting. He is current ly based in Malta.

ìI am in the process of being transformed from a craftsman to an artist, he say, trying to use the techniques I learned to express my emotions. In the beginning, I had more realistic approach but as I am developing as a person, along with my experience of life and emotions, my art is acquiring more abstract form.

ìI believe that as an artist I have a responsibility to educate the viewer to understand art. You feel more as an artist because you try to challenge your feelings but everyone has emotions and itís just the some people might not be able to express themselves through art but they can still feel through art.î

ìThere has to be a continuum of slow development as an artist, I believe. It takes time just like a good wine. This exhibition shows more the beginning part of my artistic development, yet it is not completely classical using classical technique but a lot of the works have a contemporary approach such as: no details, no direct light, no perfect form.î

ìThe subject mater for example is classical. Portrait is something that relates to the basic elements of everyoneís life. Thatís why I am painting portraits of people where I try to capture the emotion of the person I am painting. But there are also times where I use the model to express the emotions I have in me.î

The exhibition is on till the end of August. It consists of nine paintings, ranging form acrylic to oil, form classical to modern, covering works between 1999-2004. The artist can be contacted on 7933 3338 or through